We’re Not In Kansas Anymore, Toto.

So, we moved. For practical reasons, it’s better for us to be in the city than the mountains. Do I miss the mountains? Of course. The peace, the trees, our garden. But you have to be realistic. When life throws you a curve ball, you’re sad, you grieve, then you grow. In the end, you’re stronger. And you get back up, look around and think, “I can do this!” Like the ad says, “It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.”

So, we’re not in Kansas anymore, that’s for sure.

When we first moved here, I was overwhelmed. I’m not ashamed to say. The noise, the people everywhere, the trucks and cars, the shouts, the loud tv’s, the parties. Mind you, we did move here two days before Grand Final night, and everyone was at home in lock down.

Grand Final night petrified me! Yelling and shouting and banging on metal balcony walls that went on into the early hours. I hid in the bathroom! And I felt like I was in an episode of Prison Break. I was actually crying. I know you might think “what a woos!” But, I came from a valley in the mountains where all I could hear were the Black Cockatoos, King Parrots and Rosellas, or the soft patter of snow on our windows (and we had a lot of that just before we left). And I don’t follow football, so I wondered why the guy in the apartment across the way had huge photos of his kids plastered on the inside of his windows. I couldn’t see the kids faces properly. Proud dad, I thought. Each to his own. Turned out they were football player posters.

So, after a small period of adjustment, I’ve come to love Not Kansas. Everything is right on our doorstep, and when I say everything, I mean everything! Including one hundred and thirty eight restaurants that will bring their food to our door! :)))))) I soon learnt (after sampling many, many, many of their heavenly wares), that I needed more discipline, and so I removed the ‘WeWillDeliverOurSucculentMorselsRightToYourDoorstep’ app from my phone, and started walking each day.

I do feel like the queen of the Nile, though. I want it, they bring it. Truly! I need dog food for Buddy, it’s at our door in an hour. I need stuff from the chemist? No problem! ‘Here you are madam!’ I lock my keys in my car, there’s always a friendly face ready to saunter over in his red joggers and help me break in. (I think he lives near the car park because I’ve seen him there a lot).

The city is not the country, but I love it now! We walk early every day, and most people say hello, or smile. In the country, we were lucky to see one person every few days if we were lucky, unless we went out.

There’s so much fodder here for writing. I’m surrounded by life. And yes, at first it was overwhelming, but I think I’m becoming part of Not Kansas, and am growing because of it.

The Wizard Of Oz

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